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From Theme Dates to Treasure Hunts

Are you running out of ideas for your next date? Do you have a hobby such as photography? Bird watching? Board games? Music? Are you a collector of neon signs? Hot wheels? Posters? Why not pick one of those and make it the theme for your next date? Oh, you don’t share the same interests? He likes photography and you like music? Well, you understand the concept of compromising, don’t you? Compromising is the key to perfect harmony. The word “compromise” itself comes from Latin – Notice that the word “promise” is part of the word “compromise”. “Compromise” is a “mutual promise”, meaning that it works both ways, for you and for him. Compromise eliminates selfishness and is the key to a successful relationship. Either you both share a common thread, and that is a "no-brainer". Or you decide to split the date night between two themes. You can also pick his theme and yours alternatively. This will not only give you some new ideas when you plan your next “rendez-vous”, it will also be a good indicator of the true personality and nature of your chosen, special guy, and how he responds to “compromise”. If you are just starting to date, you both had better be okay with the concept of compromising, otherwise… do not date for a long-term relationship. If you have been married for some time, then you know about it, and that is why you are still married!

All you have to do now is look for events in your town or vicinity that would feed your interests – a photography exhibit by a local artist, a live band at the university or local theater, a stroll by the river or at the wildlife refuge, a stop at the best vintage store in town … Not your cup of tea? Be patient, and your turn will come… unless it is a one-time, miserable date. Don’t show that you are bored to death if you are doing “his” stuff… He may remind you of that childish behavior next time he does “your stuff”. Rather, praise each other’s understanding, patience, kindness, and selflessness. It will be much more productive and positive.

Is one of you a Francophile, meaning a person who loves “everything French”? That’s an idea! Open that door, and some fresh, new ideas may come to you by the dozen.

These tips and ideas may be good for new dates, but make no mistake, they are most definitely true for married couples as well. The “rules” stay the same, whether you are partners or spouses. They are the foundation for a better social life and a great binary relationship.

calendar of events in your vicinity. If you cannot find any exciting venue, create your own. A treasure hunt may necessitate more preparation than a stroll or a drive, but it can be a very exciting and memorable time for the two of you, the organizer and the treasure hunter. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your route, your clues, some small rewards, and wrap up the evening at the soda fountain… or around the absinthe fountain… It will be up to you, whatever you both will enjoy as a convivial finale. Cheers for now!

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