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The Secret to a Successful Dinner Date at Home

Resolved to cook for him or for her tonight, you have established your menu and done your shopping. It is Friday afternoon, and you left work early to prepare for the special evening.

Whatever you are cooking or baking, whether it will be oh so fancy, or really basic, should be pleasing to the eye and could even be totally impressive. Artistry in the plate will emerge from the choice of colors and from the presentation. Do not hesitate to take the vertical route on the plate instead of laying all the components flat and uninspiring on it.

Brighten up the mahi-mahi and the rice with a sprig of parsley and some multi-colored cherry tomatoes (cut in half with a sharp knife to keep them from rolling), add some fresh mint and a few berries to the mango sherbet, sprinkle some edible 24 K gold flakes (from a reliable source) over those wonderful creations.

Stay away from any mismatched plates, glassware, and utensils. Uniformity projects the image of an organized, solid, and rational mind. You may not have a tablecloth, but you must have a couple of place mats – Solid colors work best.

Decorate your table – gather a few fresh petals and lay them out in the shape of a heart, slice a couple of lemons and put the pieces in a clear glass with a floating candle on top, get some fresh herbs at the store, mince them, and sprinkle them around the plates (Avoid the basil that will not stay green very long – Rosemary works really well). Add a few edible 24 K gold flakes, and it will look like a million dollar table. Try it, play with the food and the colors, and you will have fun!

Do you know your date’s favorite color? Organize your meal and decorate your table around that color.

The same goes with your date’s favorite number. Is it the number 5? Then why not lay out your herbs or flower petals in the shape of a 5? You may be able do some groupings of 5 petals here, 5 petals there, 5 mini water candles as a center piece or 5 berries in the glass of sparkling white wine. Leave it to your imagination and creativity.

You see, it is not just about the food. There is a lot more that goes into a successful meal. Yes, the taste is important and a huge plus, but the appearance too matters.

So… you may not have the talents of a confirmed chef, but you can still pull off that delightful, memorable dinner at home… and have fun.

Going out on a dinner date is fantastic, but you will find it even more gratifying if you concoct it at home.

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