These gold flakes are real 24 Karat GOLD.

A true symbol of prestige, beautiful and fascinating, for a memorable dinner, for an exceptional occasion, for an exclusive sensation.

Authentically from France (not a copy from unreliable sources).

Used by famous chefs in France


Ingredients: 100% gold

0.007 oz. 


A note from Coco: Please notice that this is a very, very small jar. 0.007 oz. is not much. The jar is 1-1/2” in diameter and 1-1/4” in height. The gold flakes are approximately 1/8” in diameter. Very small, but a precious commodity!

Gold flakes bring good luck for the New Year in many nations, and definitely in France!

You can use a few to dress up a shrimp cocktail or your ganache or your champagne. Nobility and elegance at their best!

Skeptical about eating gold flakes? Would you rather keep them all?

Sprinkle a few on your white damask tablecloth, and light up the candles!

24 Karat Gold Flakes

  • The gold flakes are considered not only decorative, but also edible.

    For your safety, we cannot accept returns or exchanges on food products.

    Thank you for your understanding.