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Inner and Outer Beauty

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

More on Tahiti!

In a recent post, I talked about the inner beauty of the people in the South Seas. Well, may I add… their outer beauty cannot be ignored either. I know, and I agree, a person’s inner beauty is more important than the outer beauty. For the Tahitians, both beauties are intertwined as their outer beauty is a reflection of their inner beauty. But there is more to it, and the Polynesians know it. The men work on their physique at an early age to make it athletic. Most of them have their own, personal “gym” with the mandatory punching bag in a small open shed in the back of the family homestead. The women work on their skin. They all have the perfect complexion that would be the envy of all women. They do not use lotions. They use the natural essential oils of the flowers, fruits, and plants that grow naturally on their islands. One of them is the TIARE, a very delicate flower that slightly resembles the gardenia. It is considered a sacred flower, and it is used widely in cosmetology there. It is not exported. It is processed exclusively on the island of Tahiti by the Tahitians, in a certified institute (Careful, there are copies of the TIARE oil on the market today, but I do sell the real one on my website, if you are interested - ). They also use the oils of the local coconut and the local vanilla… the wonderful Tahitian vanilla!

I visited a vanilla plantation last year, was greeted by a delightful couple (Guy and Odette), learnt a lot, and I will never forget that day. If you are lucky enough to find some Tahitian vanilla beans, buy them. They are expensive because they are produced in few, artisanal plantations and in small quantities, not to mention that the whole process is time consuming and labor intensive, and not to mention either that French chefs snatch them as soon as they are available, leaving very few of those precious beans to the rest of the world. Just like I will never forget that day on the vanilla plantation, you would never forget the taste of that vanilla. I have been trying to import some from Guy and Odette, but it is a process that will take time and patience… Next, I will give you some more information about the TIARE oil, this very precious commodity, the secret to beautiful skin, so unique and so exclusive to Tahiti. So, please click on

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