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Easy, Practical Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle : Part 1

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

You are at the store in the produce section, resolved to get half a cart full of beautiful healthy produce – organic carrots, local kale, white asparagus, juicy Honeycrisp apples, bright red, small-size, delicious-looking strawberries, small vine-ripe fragrant tomatoes, a plump green pepper, a bundle of crisp, white leeks and so much more. You feel great about bringing home what is going to give you and your family a marvelous, healthy start for the upcoming week.

Monday comes and you leave work late, get in your car and, as you are driving, you know that dinner is going to be late, and its preparation has to be quick. As a result, you pick up a pizza on your way home.

The kids have soccer practice at 5 pm on Tuesday… mmh… Dinner is probably not going to be picture-perfect of a healthy dinner, once again.

By Wednesday, you start thinking about the delicious-looking strawberries only to realize that they have turned, and you throw half of them away. You feel badly about it, and you do not want the same destiny for the kale. So, you take the kale out of the refrigerator, wash it quickly and resentfully – whatever time it is taking... is too long - and you cook it. Good! The kale is safe.

By Thursday, you have to throw away the asparagus which is developing a weird ammonic smell in the sealed bag…

Your Sunday grocery shopping has turned into a huge inconvenience, and, for a large part, waste.


Whenever you decide to go grocery shopping, make sure that you have roughly HALF AN HOUR after you get home.

Play your favorite music and wash your beautiful, fresh produce.

Prepare it (cut the leeks, trim the asparagus, etc) and bag it wrapped in some paper towels to dry, READILY AVAILABLE. It will save you some time later, not to mention that it will keep your refrigerator much cleaner – A HUGE PLUS!

If you still have to have that pizza on Monday, add the carrots and the strawberries to the meal as a side dish. If you are baking it, add the fresh tomatoes and the fresh green pepper on top of it, five minutes before it is baked through.

If you have enough time to peel some potatoes, cook them with the leek, add water, and, once cooked, toss in the blender with a bit of water or milk for a great, hearty soup.

Cut your already washed and scrubbed apples and add them to the meal. Now you have yet another healthy meal.

The trick is to have your fruit and veggies READY so that getting them out of the refrigerator and putting them on the table is AS EASY AS OPENING A BAG OF CHIPS… while it is so much healthier.

Cooking from scratch and eating at home allows for a better diet because 1) you eat less, 2) your home-prepared meal has less fat and less sugar than frozen food or take-outs.

It is a BIG WIN, and you feel so much better mentally and physically by the end of the week!

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