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Easy Tips That Will Change Your Mind, Your Body, Your Life (Part 2)

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

In the first part, I showed you how preparing your fruit and veggies upon your return from the store can help you get organized for your meals and have healthier eating habits.

Meats and soups can easily be prepared AHEAD OF TIME as well, several days ahead. HOW?

Let’s start with a popular, lean meat: chicken. Not only does it taste good, but also there are so many ways to prepare chicken, hot or cold.

One fantastic idea: get enough chicken breasts for three meals. Wash the meat under cold running water (do not dry!), lay each chicken breast flat on a large enough dish, drizzle with olive oil (one tablespoon per breast), add salt and pepper, cover, and cook at 350 degrees for slightly more than one hour (Chicken must be 185 degrees to be thoroughly cooked). If you don’t mind the trouble, turn the meat over after 30 minutes, add salt and pepper, and return to the oven. You will get a very nice, tender, moist chicken - To view this quick, easy recipe on Video, please go to

Also, use some of that delicious chicken the same night, with a side of brown, red, or black rice. Refrigerate the rest of chicken.

A few days later after soccer practice, you can heat up your chicken with a few spoons of its own juice and the rice in the microwave oven and take the tomatoes out, to which you will add a drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper and voilà!

Another night you will steam the asparagus for 5 minutes on the cooktop or 1-1/2 minutes in the microwave oven, and you will have another side dish with your chicken. You get the idea.

You may want to cut a few slices, soak them in the meat juice, and use them in a sandwich for lunch. Delish!

Finally and to really enjoy the last leftovers of that chicken, shred it or cut it in small pieces, mix it with some light mayonnaise, mustard, fresh cilantro, and some pieces of fresh orange. This will be your best chicken salad ever – fresher, cheaper, tastier than the $12.00 chicken salad at most restaurants. To view the recipe on Video, please go to

Besides chicken, you can also conveniently fix easy-to-heat-up meals for the week - a meat or fish stew, a pasta dish, and maybe even a vegetable soup – leek vichyssoise, tomato and carrot soup, or cream of asparagus make good hearty soups.

Also, the beauty of a soup is that you can make it thin or thick. Not very hungry for dinner? Make it thin. Starving tonight? Make it thick.

One way or the other, remember to reach for the beautiful produce that you washed and dried a few days before. You see, the more time you can devote preparing or, should I say, “PLANNING” your very simple and delicious meals, the healthier your eating habits will be, and the BETTER you will feel day after day, week after week. You will be EMPOWERED. It will change your life, your mind, and your body. It will save you time. It will save you money. It will give you CONTROL.

Try it! You will like it!

For the recipe of this delicious-looking potato and leek soup, please go to:

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