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Would you believe me if I told you that you may be close to speaking French?  You are closer than you ever thought!

Immerse yourself in the French culture with this course. It includes more than 75 videos in all, including 25 language videos, for $95.00. Each language class has a full, printable list of all new words introduced. Those word lists are very useful if you want to study, memorize, and review.

Still thinking about it?  Not sure that you will take a trip to France or need to speak French any time soon?

This online course also gives you an amazing approach to the English language. How so?!?  I will show you how to take apart English words and connect them to the French language. And some of these words that you use every day will start making sense. You will be surprised, and you will think that languages are not only inter-connected, but also FUN!

What do the classes cover? 

Each of these classes is designed to give you enough knowledge of the French language so that you can enjoy your next trip to France, understand, and say some basic French words and phrases. I pledge not to bother you with grammar unless absolutely necessary!  Also, this course is not only about the language. It is a lot about the French culture and traditions, and it answers a lot of questions such as "How to..." and "What if...".

Finally and importantly, you can take this course as many times as you wish. When you learn a language, repetition is the key to success, and you need to be able to go back to one specific lesson or all of them.

Videos included in this course:

INTRODUCTION : What's a cognate?

This will give you an interesting perspective of languages... including English!

LANGUAGE : Arriving in France (Part I) - Let's take a taxi!

LANGUAGE : Arriving in France (Part II) - Let's rent a car!


LANGUAGE : Arriving in France (Part III) - At the hotel

Basic vocabulary needed for the check-in at your hotel.

LANGUAGE : Arriving in France (Part IV) – Dinner Reservations

Basic vocabulary needed to make dinner reservations and communicate with the greeter/maître d’


LANGUAGE : Greetings – from Hello to Goodbye

LANGUAGE : Apologies

Miss Coco teaches you the nuance between “Pardon me” and “Excuse me” in French, two expressions that can come in really handy when you don’t know what else to say!

LANGUAGE : “YOU”: … Formal? Informal?

Learn the difference between “Tu” (informal “You”) and the “Vous” (formal “You”)

LANGUAGE : Numbers (Part I) – Ordinal/Cardinal

LANGUAGE : Numbers (Part II) – From 50 to 100

LANGUAGE : Basic Words (Part I)

Learn the basic words such as Sir, Madam, Miss, please, thank you, and many more!

LANGUAGE : Basic Words (Part II)

Learn the days of the week, and the months.

LANGUAGE : Time (Part I)

What time is it?

LANGUAGE : Time (Part II)

At what time is dinner? Are you late? Early? Was it yesterday? Will it be tomorrow?

LANGUAGE : Life in Paris (Part I)

Should you take the Métro or a taxi? Should you walk? Whatever you do, watch out!

LANGUAGE : Life in Paris (Part II)

Let’s explore Paris with miss Coco – from the library to the famous designers to the art galleries. There is so much to do in Paris!

LANGUAGE : Life in Paris (Part III)

Museums: From the ticket to the visit, what you need to know to get the most for your money.

LANGUAGE : On the Road, Touring France

Navigating and driving may sometimes be challenging in France, but trust miss Coco’s advice, especially when it comes to the authorities…

LANGUAGE : Traveling by Train (Part I)


LANGUAGE : Traveling by Train (Part II)

LANGUAGE : Traveling by Train (Part III)

Watch for split trains… and make sure you are on the right train with the right pass!

LANGUAGE : He/She (Part I)

LANGUAGE : He/She (Part II)

It looks like just one little extra letter, more precisely the letter “e”, takes care of the feminine gender. So far, so good… nothing complicated.

LANGUAGE : At the Restaurant (Part I)

Cafés, Creperies, Bistros, Brasseries, …  How to choose and what to expect?

LANGUAGE : At the Restaurant (Part II)

LANGUAGE : At the Restaurant (Part III)

Let’s understand the menu and order some food with miss Coco!

LANGUAGE : At the Restaurant (Part IV)

TRAVEL : Two of the "Most Beautiful Villages in France" - Conques and Estaing

TRAVEL : An amazing drive through  the jaw-dropping Gorges of the Tarn River

TRAVEL : Is it a rock?


TRAVEL : “Gites” – Your next accommodation in France?
Find out what you must know about this unique type of accommodation, what to expect, the pros, the  

       cons, and what “Gites” can hide.

TRAVEL : “Chambres d’Hotes” – The Concept
Only slightly remote from the Bed & Breakfast, this formula may be your best bet to get immersed in the French culture.

TRAVEL : “Hotels” – Know What You Are GettingBeing very attentive to the list of amenities and asking for some specific details will help you understand what you are getting (or not getting!).

TRAVEL : In Knight Templars’ TerritoryWho were they? Let’s follow their footsteps at the “Couvertoirade” and the Cavalerie, in the South of France.

TRAVEL : From Village to Village
There are so many villages in France, and each one seems more beautiful, more unique, more interesting than the previous one. You never get tired of villages in France… Sainte Eulalie, Viala du Pas, and Saint Jean d’Alca… Which one is your favorite yet?

TRAVEL : the Fontfroide Abbey

TRAVEL : More Villages!

TRAVEL : the Cathars – the Peyrepertuse Castle
Have you ever heard the word “cathartic”? You will not understand and cannot understand the word “cathartic” until you immerse yourself in the culture of these tough, very tough monk soldiers who lived in unbelievably austere conditions and were ultimately burnt alive for the sake of their beliefs.

TRAVEL : the Cathars – the Queribus Castle

Just in case you did not quite understand the living conditions of those monk soldiers who were persecuted by the Catholic Church… I invite you to climb up to their fortress and get a taste of what it meant to be a Cathar.

TRAVEL : Carcassonne

Who has not heard about Carcassonne? Very well preserved and rich in history, Carcassonne is a delight that you probably thought only Disney could create!

TRAVEL : Le Canal du Midi
Picture a beautiful canal bordered by miles and miles of sycamore trees. You sit on a bench, and you watch the barges pass by…

TRAVEL : Road Trip to Occitanie
Occitanie, in the South of France, is a large region that features the sea, the mountains, some incredibly beautiful villages and towns, vineyards, chateaux… Please take a peek to discover what else is in store!

TRAVEL : Collioure – Part I

Just a few miles to Barcelone, Spain, nestled between the Mediterranean Sea and the Pyrenees Mountains is the town of Collioure… a treasure! The more you walk around Collioure, the more you fall in love with it. Experience the magic touch!

TRAVEL : Collioure – Part II

More of Collioure! You just cannot get enough of it!!!

TRAVEL : Mirepoix
Let miss Coco take you to the open air market of Mirepoix. You will feel like stepping way back in time. An amazing experience.


TRAVEL : Foix – Part I
Very typical of the South of France is Foix… a cute downtown, a busy café culture, a fort… Foix is picture perfect of the South.

TRAVEL : Foix – Part IILet us glance at Foix one more time and head to the countryside, more specifically to Montsegur where miss Coco found herself looking at a whole trout with its head on her plate…

TRAVEL : Rural France

Miss Coco just can’t get enough of those villages! She relates to them. She connects with the people. She loves  the vibes, the traditions, the authenticity…

TRAVEL : Saint Cirq Lapopie
Well, if you are interested in a bunch of old houses that hang off a cliff above a river… this is it!

Hardly believable! And what is even less believable is how well preserved these 600+ year old houses are…

TRAVEL : Sarlat – Part I

If you think “Dordogne”, you think “Sarlat”. Besides its famous landmarks, Sarlat is also the display of elegant patios in courtyards and narrow streets, adding immensely to the charm of this unbelievable town.

TRAVEL : Sarlat – Part II

One more glimpse of Sarlat, also the capital of “foie gras” and other delicious-looking delicacies and desserts.

TRAVEL : St Emilion

If you are a wine connoisseur, you have heard about St Emilion, in the Bordeaux area. The town itself is… simply magical… with a monolithic cathedral built underground in one big old rock… with a superb downtown… with an exquisite cloister… The impact is phenomenal. If you ever go to St Emilion, you will never forget it.

TRAVEL : La Roque GageacThis is where every picture that you take – along the river, in the village, up on the cliff… will look like a postcard!

CULTURE - Breakfast at the Hotel: What to expect?
What is a typical French breakfast? What about breakfast etiquette?

CULTURE : The history of the croissant

CULTURE : Restaurant and Hotel Staff: What you should know - standards and expectations


CULTURE : The Restroom Protocol – Be Informed


CULTURE : Ordering Food at the Restaurant

Will your waiter come to your table and ask if you are ready to order?

CULTURE : Diet Restrictions

What is the etiquette when it comes to diets and allergies? This might surprise you!

CULTURE : Ordering Wine at the Restaurant

What happens if you are asked to choose the wine but you don’t want to reveal that you know nothing about wines?

CULTURE : Table Manners (Part I)

Where should your free hand be while eating? May you laugh, cough, or blow your nose at the table? Should you whisper? These are just a few questions that miss Coco will answer for you.

CULTURE : Table Manners (Part II)

The bread and butter culture, a cliché?

CULTURE : So many knives, forks… Why? Let’s sort it out.

What does your server know that you may not know?

CULTURE : Those Dirty Plates…

Have you ever wondered why your server would not remove your dirty plate?
Do you think you know enough about the spoon, the bowl, the glass, and the napkin? Miss Coco may prove you wrong…

CULTURE : More Rules
What foods may you eat with your fingers in France? What should you do if you find a hair on your plate?

CULTURE : Only in America

“What’s he doing?... Slow service in this place!...  Come on, gotta go!...” Oh really???

CULTURE : End of the Meal: the protocol

Let miss Coco tell you about what to do and not to do when it comes to paying for the meal. From toothpicks… to lipstick!

CULTURE : Meals at Home (Part I)

Learn about breakfast, lunch, and dinner in France, what is typically served, and at what time French people eat in general.

CULTURE : Meals at Home (Part II)

You are now invited by some French people at a French house for a French meal. How cool is that?!

CULTURE : the Cheese Culture

How do you cut this cheese? What knife are you supposed to use for what cheese? How many kinds of cheese may you have? What about seconds?

CULTURE : Dessert, finally!

Don’t think that you’re off the hook yet just because you finished dessert… There’s more!

CULTURE : Joie de Vivre (Part I)

What French people do between lunch and dinner on Sunday afternoons is bound to make you wonder if the food madness ever ends.

CULTURE : Joie de Vivre (Part II)

Why should you not ask for a “limonade” if you are craving a lemonade?

CULTURE : L’Apéritif – Adult Beverages

What is the difference between “Apéritif” and “Digestif”? How do you propose a toast in France? Let’s find out!

CULTURE : Attire, Make-up, and Perfume

Underdressed? Overdressed? Overdone? Miss Coco gives you the 4 main tips to always fit in.

CULTURE : Invited? What should you bring?

Let’s first talk about what you should NOT bring so that you can avoid some embarrassing situations. Then miss Coco will give you some suggestions and good ideas.


CULTURE : Just Chocolates, after all!

You will probably wonder what’s the big deal about those chocolates. Chocolates are just chocolates, after all. Pretention? Most likely… but keep an open mind anyway…!

​CULTURE : Just a few more Etiquette Rules

Ladies first? Men first? Hats off? Gloves off? Is this all obsolete, or should we still pay attention to these etiquette rules in France

Ok!  I'm ready to learn!  What's next?


To make this one-time payment of $95.00 for unlimited access to all 75+ videos, click on the"Buy Now" button. You will be redirected to my online school at

The sign-up process is fast and easy, and you will be taking your first class before you know it!

Learn to Speak French!

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