Would you believe me if I told you that you may be close to speaking French?  You are closer than you ever thought!

Immerse yourself in the French culture with this course. It includes more than 75 videos in all, including 25 language videos, for $95.00. Each language class has a full, printable list of all new words introduced. Those word lists are very useful if you want to study, memorize, and review.

Still thinking about it?  Not sure that you will take a trip to France or need to speak French any time soon?

This online course also gives you an amazing approach to the English language. How so?!?  I will show you how to take apart English words and connect them to the French language. And some of these words that you use every day will start making sense. You will be surprised, and you will think that languages are not only inter-connected, but also FUN!

What do the classes cover? 

Each of these classes is designed to give you enough knowledge of the French language so that you can enjoy your next trip to France, understand, and say some basic French words and phrases. I pledge not to bother you with grammar unless absolutely necessary!  Also, this course is not only about the language. It is a lot about the French culture and traditions, and it answers a lot of questions such as "How to..." and "What if...".

Finally and importantly, you can take this course as many times as you wish. When you learn a language, repetition is the key to success, and you need to be able to go back to one specific lesson or all of them.

Videos included in this course:

  • Introduction       FREE SNEAK PREVIEW   
    First, we need to make a connection between our languages so that we can understand our own better… You may never have thought of it this way!


  • Arriving
    We have just arrived in France, and we decide to either take a taxi, or to rent a car. Once at the hotel, we need to check in, ask the basic questions on the amenities, and make dinner reservations.


  • Greetings Part 1
    Let’s learn how to say “Hello” and “Good bye”, “Thank you”, “Pleased to meet you”, “My name is…”, and see if there is a difference between “Pardon me!” and “Excuse me!”


  • Greetings Part 2
    Should you say “Tu” or “Vous”? Both are “You” in English, so why is it so important to use one more than the other?


  • Numbers
    Numbers in a foreign language are not always easy, but at least, they make sense. You need not learn them all, but knowing how they build on each other can be very useful. We’ll take a look.


  • Basic Words 
    People often speak too fast and do not enunciate enough. If you do not know how to politely ask them to either repeat or speak slowly, you will not go very far. In this class, we will learn some basic words that will help you in your efforts to understand and to be understood.


  • The Time
    Of course, you need to know the time, and this class does just that. I am making it easy for you!


  • Touring Paris Part 1
    We are now in Paris and traveling through the City of Lights by metro, by taxi, and by foot. We randomly stop at Le Jardin des Tuileries, at a bookstore, at an open-air market, and this is illustrated with pictures to help you be there!


  • Touring Paris Part 2
    We are still in Paris, but this time, we are at the museum. Let’s figure how much the admission is going to be and learn about a few important signs that we might see there.


  • Touring France Part 1
    We have left Paris, which means that we need to find some kind of transportation. Are we going to rent a car… at the risk of getting a little surprise? Are we going to take the train? You decide!


  • Touring France Part 2
    Let’s say that you have decided to travel by train. You need to know how to buy your ticket, what to watch for before getting onboard, and what to say in case someone has taken your seat… Then you will sit down, relax, and be able to enjoy your trip!


  • He / She
    The difference between the masculine and the feminine can be such a problem in French… I am going to try to make it easier for you!


  • At the restaurant Part 1
    One of the fun parts when traveling in France is sitting down at a restaurant and anticipating the arrival of the food to your table. In this class, we will be greeted by the maître d’, asking for a table and studying the menu.


  • At the restaurant Part 2
    We are ready to order! We will learn how to do just that, and more - how to order our meat, how to express compliments or complaints, and how to ask for “l’addition”.


  • Shopping Part 1
    We are now shopping at the bakery, at the pastry shop, and at the butcher’s shop.


  • Shopping Part 2
    After the butcher’s shop comes the deli store, then the grocery store, the fine specialty food store, the creamery, and finally the fishmonger’s.


  • Shopping Part 3
    Shopping for clothes is always fun, especially when you can find the outfits and the accessories all in one place. We will learn our colors so that we can be … coordinated!


  • This and That
    Shopping in a foreign country does not have to be difficult, especially when the merchandise is right there, behind glass, and you can just point to “this” or “that”. However, you may need to add just a few words such as “more” or “less” or “enough” or “not enough”, or “too much”, and you should be all set! Simple. Practical.


  • Useful Signs
    Necessary to recognize, these few signs will help you understand rules and warnings. Even more important are some road signs that may look insignificant, but they could avoid a major mishap.
    Knowing what they mean is essential, so I will explain them to you.


  • And Finally
    “A la mode”, “Rendez-vous”, “Résumé », « Risqué », etc. are all French words that may not mean at all what you think. Take a look!


  • Résumé 
    Don’t be misled by this French word, “Résumé”, which, you know after watching the previous class, does not mean at all what you thought! This last class is a complete summary of the whole course. Very useful, and fun!

Ok!  I'm ready to learn!  What's next?


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