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Protect your mask, protect yourself, protect the environment with this very ingenious, entirely made in France, mask case.


What is it exactly?

It is an anti-microbial, antiviral (including anti Coronavirus type viruses) case to store your mask safely.
Sounds pretty powerful, doesn’t it? Indeed!


How powerful?
It eliminates 99.87% of bacteria.


Based on what?
Its bacteria-eliminating properties are based on the analysis carried out by IMSL (Industrial Microbiological Services Ltd in Great Britain). IMSL certified the properties according to the ISO22196 standard.


How does it work?
It uses a patented, integrated, protective PURE ZONE® silver-iron treated film that acts on contact and purifies your mask.


Is it safe?
It is perfectly safe.
Safe for the environment (made with an innovative, low-carbon-footprint material labeled “vegan leather”)
Passed European Union EN 71-3 toy safety


How long before it loses its efficiency?
Its bacteria-eliminating properties remain constant for an average of 5 years based on usage as frequent as 24/7


Does it work for all masks?
It works for all standard masks. Not made for bandana-style masks.


Thinking this might be a great gift for your employees?
Company logo can be added for minimum quantity orders.


Case made in France with “vegan leather” (recyclable materials)
PURE ZONE® silver-iron treated film also made in France


4-1/4” x 4-1/4”

Colors available in the US: BLACK, ORANGE


Still not convinced?

This case is thin, light, attractive, and it fits in a back pocket or a purse.
You will no longer lose your mask in the street or on the parking lot.
You will no longer go through packs and packs of masks every month.
Your mask will be nice and fresh every time you take it out of its case.

SAVE-A-MASK© Sanitizing Case

$19.95 Regular Price
$9.98Sale Price
  • Because of the obvious nature of this item, returns or exchanges are not possible. This is for your safety and others' safety. Thank you for your understanding.

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