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Box of 10 Greeting Cards
Printed on high-quality matte cardstock
10 cards:
“Vue de la Villa Serena” (5) + “D
éjeuner en Provence » (5)
Images from original paintings by Diane Monet©
Envelopes included
Comes in a crystal clear box tied with a gold string



A note from Coco:

Diane Monet© and I have a special friendship and partnership based on strong values. These cards are very beautiful, exclusive, and we want to keep them this way.


Each oeuvre by Diane Monet© is a showpiece that carries a burst of happy and uplifting emotions about Provence – I personally love the colors and the scenes, but I can also mysteriously smell the fragrances.  I want to be there in that scene, although it feels that I am there already.



"Diane Monet bears a great artist's name and enough talent to carry it beautifully. She has not forgotten art was once about beauty. A career highlight was her 2002 inclusion into the Salon des Artistes Indépendants in Paris, an exhibition (and artist's society) and counting in its talent pool Paul Cezanne, Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, Paul Gaugin, and Camille Pissaro." – Bill Fallon, Westchester County Business Journal (New York)


Diane Monet© Greeting Cards

  • Once open, this box of greeting cards cannot be returned - Thank you for your understanding.

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