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High quality 10" stainless steel blade, mirror polished for easy spreading and to avoid rust

Ergonomic handle made of polyamide, reinforced with fiberglass, with an anti-slip carbon fiber texture

Remember, all DeBuyer products are designed and made for professional chefs. Those professional chefs can be demanding. They want the best. Success and efficiency are two important factors that are constantly on their mind. As a result, when you read all the attributes of this knife, you may wonder… “Why? This is just the handle of a cake knife!” That is what professional chefs asked for when they approached DeBuyer… And that is what they received.


This cake knife has 3 purposes:

1 – to slice a cake horizontally and fill it with pastry cream or jam between the two halves

2 – to spread a frosting or a ganache and make it smooth

3 – to cut the cake into serving pieces


A note from Coco:

Great invention. This cake knife does it all! Plus, the blade is slightly flexible, which makes the first 2 steps (slicing the cake into two halves and spreading a frosting or a ganache) quite precise and easy. You always have a better chance to achieve a professional look with a professional tool!

Cake Knife

$49.95 Regular Price
$29.97Sale Price
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