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Versailles clear tasting glass, also used as a water glass - Set of 6

Made in France

Height 6-1/2", Diameter 3-3/4"

Founded in 1475, this company is the oldest glassworks factory in France. They produce tableware and decorative art pieces using different techniques that vary from mouth-blown to pressed glass to newer technology. The polish is still obtained through a fire polish, an old and proven method. Their collections are very traditional, yet relevant to contemporary life styles.


A pressure seam is sometimes visible, mostly on the glasses. It is not a defect. Rather, it is the mark left when opening the mold in which the glass is pressed, and it is the characteristic of authenticity and tradition.


This glass is thick and can be used for every day dishes. It actually is used in some restaurants because it is so sturdy.


Dishwasher safe


A note from Coco:

I love the fact that you can match the dinner or dessert plates with the glasses. You no longer have to pull out your fine china when you have guests and you want a classy table. This line does it for you.

I sincerely enjoyed my visit at this 540+ year old company. Can you imagine a company that old?!! No doubt, they must be doing something right. I was amazed to see some very old techniques still being used, and that is what makes the difference in each and every single piece. The high point for me was the store which displayed their products quite beautifully, from plates to glasses to table lights to serving pieces to art glass, all pieces that I am hoping to bring to you soon. The store itself used to be the shed where the firewood for the factory was being stored and dried, back in the days when the factory was wood powered. Beautifully and tastefully remodeled, it now hosts the company showroom.


Versailles Clear Tasting Glass - Set of 6

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