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The Trick To Eating More Veggies

Updated: May 27, 2018

Many of us are determined to eat a healthy diet. We wait for the first of the year to get a fresh, new start, and it does not happen. Then we wait for another special day that would mark another fresh, new start - the first day of spring, our birthday, the first day of summer, etc. And it still does not happen.

Why not try a different approach? Next time you are at the grocery store, browse through the produce section and get a nice selection of fruits and vegetables. Once you get home, give yourself some time to wash and dry your healthy bundle, put your tomatoes in one zip lock bag with a paper towel, your cucumbers in another one, your radishes in another one, your carrots, etc. Did you notice what these have in common? They do not need to be cooked, unlike string beans or Brussel sprouts.

All you have to do twice a day at lunch time – or whenever you pack your lunch - and at dinner time is open the door of the refrigerator and choose some of those fruits and veggies to accompany your meal. You will be grateful for the valuable time that you spent preparing them all at once.

And they will be much tastier, lighter, and much healthier than a pre-packaged spring mix loaded with bottled Italian dressing…

Because they are ready to eat, you are much more likely to use them than if you had to go through the trouble of washing them and drying them when you are hungry and anxious to eat.

Plus, a cold, crisp apple is delicious paired with a white meat dish. Fresh strawberries are delicious with fish or goat cheese. A grilled cheese sandwich should never be served without a couple of stalks of crunchy celery. Pasta and spinach cannot go without a fresh pear. The combinations are truly endless.

You will feel GOOD about yourself, and you will start feeling WELL! Give it a try. It might do the trick for you!

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