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The sweetness of the World

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

When we think of vacationing on an island, we often think of the Caribbean Islands or Hawaii, depending on where we live in the United States. Whether you choose the Caribbean Islands or Hawaii, there is something for everyone. Each place has its charm and distinction with beautiful beaches, crystal clear lagoons, lush vegetation, etc.

Less known are the Polynesian islands in the South Seas - some with a Fijian dependency, some British, Chilean, French or New Zealand overseas territories, some self-governing nations - Among them are the French Polynesian islands of Tahiti, Moorea, Bora-Bora, Raiatea… I must say, I am in love with those, and it is the people even more than the scenery that draw me. The inner beauty of those islanders is exceptional. They smile a lot, and they seem to always be in a good mood. From morning to night, they look at the positive side of life, and they look at you, a stranger, a foreigner, with love. They are polite, gentle, and considerate. They are genuine, sincere, and honest.

Just like us, they try to make a living, to be good parents and good citizens. What is theirs is yours as well. They share, and they care. They live off the abundance of the tropical fruits that grow on their land and off the fish that densely populate the ocean. They take just what they need. Waste is shameful. They do not own much, yet they are happy with what they have. Greed, envy, and jealousy are not part of their culture at all. These concepts do not exist there. Just like us, they have successes, worries, and failures. However, they do not need to be convivial and explicit about those. They have a beautiful peace of mind that makes them happy and secure. I could talk about the beauty of these people all day, but if I had to describe them in only one sentence, I would say that they truly are the goodness and the sweetness of the world. Please click on the link below to watch a montage. Merci!

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