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The Little Pleasures

Bonjour, Hello, and Happy New Year to All!

We traditionally exchange wishes of peace, love, and good health. However peaceful and loving we are, there is a whole world out there that is not and will never be peaceful and loving. As far as our good health, we can somewhat have a positive or negative impact, depending on our eating and exercising habits, but some factors such as genetics and environment are big, powerful and irrefutable variables.

We should not forget though that we ourselves can make each and every day beautiful… or not so beautiful. We can add a touch of happiness by creating little pleasures throughout the day. Reading a book or a magazine while sipping a latté at a local coffee shop, listening to good music on the way to work, having a quick walk downtown, lighting up a candle at night… We are in control, and we CAN make a difference. We CAN make a day beautiful… or not so beautiful.

We do not have to listen to hateful language from morning to night. We do not have to be affected by all the troubles of the world. We can be compassionate, but we should also be grateful that we live where we live. That’s the bright spot!

When I travel, I am drawn to little things and little pleasures that probably go unnoticed to most people, but those simple little things and little pleasures have their own purpose and their own beauty, and they catch my attention. Old or new, bright or dull, I find them all interesting. So, I snap a picture on the spot. And later, one of MY little pleasures is to look at those pictures and to remember and to admire the simplicity, the beauty, the serenity.

Those little pleasures in life make such a difference. They truly do. So my wishes to you for 2019 is to remember those little pleasures, incorporate them in your life, and make each and every day beautiful.

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