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When Fancy Is Not So Good

Updated: Jul 7, 2019

Have you ever been to a fancy restaurant where the decor was exquisite, the service was amazing, and the bill was hefty?

You may step into a restaurant where instantly you notice the high tech, luxurious furniture and lighting, the interior design with European accents, etc. You are introduced to the whole dining room brigade from the maître d’ to the sommelier. You are assigned several servers, sometimes one per guest, some to watch your water glass or your bread plate to spare you the effort of reaching for the water carafe or the breadbasket.

The sommelier directs you to the best wine that will pair with your meal, and the wine server pours the wine for you.

The chef de rang, supervised by the chef de salle, checks on you occasionally, and you constantly have a synchronized ballet around you to make sure that your experience will be memorable. You are impressed by the performance, the white tablecloth, the china, the glasses. The whole orchestration is intended to make you feel special… and it is working!

How was your meal? There is a very good chance that it was absolutely delicious – However, there is also the possibility that it was… average, and not so impressive. Yet, you think it was delicious because, after all, everything else was so fancy!

A lot of us think that, if a restaurant is fancy in appearance, then the food must be good. That is not always the case. You can never really bear a judgment until you have had your first bite. Be candid. Be honest. Do not fool yourself. Do not try to convince yourself that, because the food is sumptuous it is also scrumptious. The two do not always go together, and there might be a sense of guilt sometimes linked to excessive spending when only the sumptuousness is there, but the scrumptiousness is not.

Also, if you are not completely honest with yourself, you obviously will not be completely honest with your friends if you recommend the restaurant to them, and you might deceive and disappoint them.

In the same way as a good restaurant is not necessarily a fancy restaurant, a fancy restaurant is not necessarily a good restaurant. The ambiance, the treatment, and the experience all contribute to the hefty bill. GOOD food justifies it. For some helpful input on how to choose a restaurant next time you go out, please read Interested in restaurant etiquette in general? Please watch my videos

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