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Romantic Evenings in Paris

You have heard Ella Fitzgerald and many others sing… “ I love Paris in the springtime I love Paris in the fall I love Paris in the winter when it drizzles I love Paris in the summer when it sizzles I love Paris every moment, Every moment of the year.”

Well… So do I! Not necessarily because I grew up in France. Not out of chauvinism either. Even though I have traveled quite a bit, I do not know of any other place with the vibes and the magic, the charm and the soul that Paris has. The “Parisiens” (residents of Paris) do not quite perceive their city in the same way as a tourist does. And if you tell them how lucky they are to live in Paris, you are going to get the biggest eye roll of disapproval. They will tell you that, between the demonstrations by the teachers, the government employees and public transportation employees, the nurses, emergency personnel, truck drivers, the lobbies and the general national strikes when nobody is working because everybody is in the street protesting, there are very few days in the year when the city is not crippled one way or the other. That is true! However, when you go to Paris for just a few days, and you could care less about their strikes, then you can certainly unveil the “joie de vivre”, the good life. All you will need is to speak a few words of French and understand the French culture, and you will be immersed in it. And you will blend in it. And you will savor it.

Europe seems to be a very popular honeymoon destination, and I understand why a young couple, full of energy, would book a seven day “London to Rome” tour featuring one night in Paris…

seven days or more? Oh, now the honeymoon trip is getting more affordable and even more exciting! If you go to Paris for a week, every evening can be a romantic evening, and each one is going to be different, beautiful and memorable… peaceful… “zen” as the French like to say.

Of course a moonlight stroll along the Seine River, a sunset on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower for some breathtaking views of the famous city of lights, a walk on Rue Lepic followed by a Montmartre night tour all the way up to the Sacré Coeur, are undeniable must-do’s. The possibilities are truly endless in Paris, and romance is always in the air no matter what you decide to do. The café culture in the late evening hours, jazz clubs, speakeasy and piano bars are all fantastic ideas for the perfect, memorable romantic night. And there is so much more! Every district – Le Marais, Le Trocadéro, Le Quartier Latin, Le Canal Saint Martin - has something very special to offer. Every corner of every district is waiting for you with yet another surprise, and before you know it, it will be beddy-bye time.

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