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Chocolate Truffles, Cars, and Clothes

Updated: May 25, 2018

Chocolate truffles are everywhere in France, not only during the holiday season - all year long.

Chocolate fairs, chocolate shows, chocolate contests, chocolate magazines - You name it, we have it in France when it comes to chocolate. We take our chocolate very seriously. We have master chocolatiers who go to school to refine their palate and their skills. They can take one bite of chocolate and tell you right away if the cocoa beans come from New Guinea, Togo, the Ivory Coast, Uganda, or other places. They can describe chocolate like a sommelier describes wine. It is quite amazing.

Chocolate truffles are easy to make – It takes a bit of time to roll them, but the whole process from beginning to end is simple.

If you would like to try my easy recipe of Chocolate Truffles , please look in the “Cook” section of this web site, or just click on the following link:

Of course, you can always buy them and spend as little or as much money as you want, very much the same as when you buy cars or clothes. You can buy a basic used car that will get you to town, or you can buy a Bentley. You can shop for clothes at Kmart, or you can shop on Rodeo Drive. In the same way, you can find some decently good truffles, or you can indulge into some exquisite artisan truffles that you will forever remember. You decide!

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