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The Power of Mayonnaise

Updated: May 27, 2018

We buy mayonnaise without even thinking of looking at the label. Neither do we look at the label of the mustard, the oil, or the vinegar. We are so used to filling up our shopping carts when it comes to those common items. Sure enough, the store-bought mayonnaise contains some chemical agents that supposedly preserve the quality – That is how they put it: “preserve the quality.” Well, today, we know that none of these chemical and synthetic preservatives are good for us.

Why buy mayonnaise when you can fix it at home anyway? All you need is a blender. You mix a few ingredients together, and Voila! Your mayonnaise is done!

Did you know? Mayonnaise can actually be a wonderful way to turn a casual barbecue party into a gourmet party. Mayonnaise can be THE condiment that will draw all eyes around a buffet table. How? Have several high-quality mustards of different colors – a nice blackberry mustard (for purple), a bright Provencale red pepper mustard (for orange), a tarragon or basil mustard (for green). Add to that a good olive oil or avocado oil, a little bit of vinegar, and you can easily impress your crowd with a very high-quality mayonnaise of different colors.

Careful, homemade or store-bought, mayonnaise is easily perishable, so you need to keep it refrigerated at all times. Never keep mayonnaise-based sandwiches or salads in a backpack or in a car all day without refrigeration.

Back to the basics with good ingredients and a blender. That’s all we need in the kitchen to make a good mayonnaise… and have fun with colors!

Look for my mayonnaise recipe (2nd part) in the “Cook with Coco” section, or just click on the following link:


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