If you've ever wanted to ...

... learn to speak French effectively

... find a unique gift for someone special

... or simply shop for affordable French gifts

then Voila by Coco is for you!

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Unique Gifts

Made in France purses, silk scarves, zodiac gifts, lavender bath soaps and lotions, trendy accessories, house linen from Provence… for all tastes and all budgets. This is the place to find that special gift that will impress that special person.

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Learn French

Let miss Coco take you to some beautiful places in France and teach you the language. You will also learn the do’s and the don’ts, the customs, the trends, the traditions. No other course does it like this one.

All at affordable prices, for your budget.

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Not knowing the company, Voila by Coco, I placed a small order first. When I received the products, everything was better than my expectations. I have become a regular customer since. Great customer service. Great products. Phyllis D. Davenport, IA

Phyllis D., Davenport, IA

 I LOVE your French course. Extremely well done, and you choose wonderful destinations to highlight. Many thanks! 

Pam Y, Hamilton, MT

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I call you?

If a customer has questions on a specific product, I am always available by phone or by email.

Do you have a catalog?

Yes, I have a printed catalog, and customers can call me to place their order if they would rather not order online.

What exactly is Voila by Coco? Is it only about products?

No. It is about France and all things French. Products
Yes, I have unique French products! Lots of them! Online Courses
My language course is based on years teaching French. Both my server’s training course and my job interview preparation course are based on my experience as a restaurateur/employer. I have gathered a lot of tips over the years, and I am sharing them with you in my online courses. Blog
I also have a blog about France that ranges from French cooking to French culture to French women and new trends in France.

Are your products made in France?

The very large majority of my products are made in France. A few products in the gift section were created by French designers and manufactured in Italy, Japan, or Sweden.

Do you have the products in stock or do you have to ship them from France?

All my products are readily available from the United States. I usually ship within 24 hours, USPS Priority Mail.

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Miss Coco

Bonjour, Hello, and Welcome!

I am Coco, and I am very excited to have you as a visitor, and soon a friend, I hope! I am originally from France, moved to the United States many years ago, and I am still in love with everything French and everything about France! Yes, I know… You can take the girl out of France, but you cannot take France out of the girl! I have heard this so many times, and, what can I say? It is true!

As the chef/owner of a French restaurant, as a current honorary consul of France, as the playwright of a French-American musical, as a tutor in the French language and etiquette, you guessed it: the common denominator is France! Whether you wish to learn French cooking and baking, or you are looking for that special gift directly from France, or you hope to learn just enough French to get by next time you travel to Paris, or you are interested in the French way of living, table manners, and etiquette, be my guest! Enjoy this web site, and keep coming back!



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Step 1:

You can call or email me with questions. If I am not available right away, please do leave a message. It never takes me long to get back to my customers.

Step 2:

If you know which product or online course is for you, the website is set up for you to place your order. The check-out process is extremely fast and easy.

Step 3:

If you want to place your order over the phone with me, just give me a call and I will help you  do just that.

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What can I get you? There has to be something on the site that caught your eye, something  that you would like to get for you or a loved one for now or later. Don’t wait until that special something is gone. Avoid the… “I wish I had bought it when I saw it.”  The products that I carry are hand-picked, not mass-produced. Please understand that quantities are limited… Place your order now!