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Learn French Culture & Etiquette


You may think that, unless you go to France someday, you will never need to take such a course. After all, we in America are so much more relaxed than the French… Why bother? 

Please bear in mind that a lot of table rules, social norms, and proper practices are NOT at all specific to France. A lot of rules of conduct are standard and worldwide.

You may think that etiquette is something of the past… and you may be right, until you realize that, if you know good manners, you always know what to do, and you are less likely to make a faux pas. You may decide to apply or not to apply the rules, but at least knowing them will make you more prepared for all situations.

25 out of 75 of all videos of the TLC (Travel, Language, Culture) full course cover French Etiquette and give you a lot of information on the French culture. That is 1 out of 3 videos.
(Also included: 25+ fun language videos and 25+ exciting travel videos)

Still thinking about it?  Not sure that you truly need to know more about Etiquette?

This course is not like a chemistry course where you have to memorize formulas and a periodic table. It is a FUN course that you will absorb easily without any efforts. It covers many subjects, is very informative, and at the end, it will probably give you a different perspective on your day-to-day life, routine, and habits. FUN, and FUNNY at times!

What do the classes cover? 

Each of these classes is designed to give you some basic rules of conduct and courtesy. You may already know some – In fact, I hope you do (!), whether you apply them in your daily life or not. Others will be less familiar to you.

Why take such a class? 
Not just because good manners look good and sound good, but also because they project a picture of you. You may consider this class to teach good manners to a child as well. Your child may not have been a good student and may never have made it to higher education, but your child’s good or bad manners may lead to success or failure with or without higher education.

Finally and importantly, you can take this course as many times as you wish. You can go back to one specific lesson or all of them – It is up to you and as you wish!

Videos included in this course:

  • Introduction  
    What if etiquette was the key to success in life?
    After answering this question, we will totally immerse ourselves in the French culture mostly to set the mood and to get you ready for a long list of do's and don'ts, starting now!


  • Choosing a Restaurant
    Your choice of restaurant can tell a lot about you, and the impression that you will leave may not be at all what you think.  Also, it is important to know that the word “restaurant” is associated with the word “food” as much as it is associated with the word “staff” in France. We’ll take a look at that.


  • At the Restaurant
    Let’s go over the basic rules of conduct, from going to the restroom to sitting down to ordering food and wine.


  • Table Manners
    We are not done with the basic rules of conduct! We still have to watch our hands, our elbows, our legs. Plus, we have so much to say about bread!


  • Utensils, etc.
    Did you know that the placement of your fork and knife tells your waiter what to do next?


  • All These Rules!
    Can I eat this with my fingers? Oops.. a hair in my plate… ! Oh no, now I dropped my fork! … From toothpicks to lipstick, let’s cover it all!


  • Meals at Home, Family Style
    We will see what the French eat at different meals and when they eat. After all, you might be invited for lunch and might have to follow some simple rules some day …


  • The cheese culture
    Let’s not make a faux pas with the cheese. We will learn about different varieties and different knives. But what if, after all this, we have no fork to eat it?


  • Something to Do 
    The French have the reputation to know how to live. I would agree with that! And we have a way to celebrate the moment at any time of the day!


  • Apéritif and Attire
    You are invited to a before-dinner drink. What should you expect? What should you wear?


  • Invited for Dinner? What should you bring?
    Once we exhaust the list of what not to bring, what really is left?!


  • The Arts of the Table
    The table cloth, the plates, the glasses, the tableware, the bread plate, the butter knife…Oh la la…! 
    I will help you sort it out.


  • Obligations, Responsibilities, and More Manners
    Please pass the food and pass the salt! What about the conversation? Can you possibly get in trouble?


  • Greetings, Handshakes, and Ladies First
    You might think, “A hand shake is just a hand shake.” Well, there is so much to know about handshakes. You will be surprised!


  • Last but not Least
    We, French people, might have all these rules about life in general. Yet, our manners can sometimes raise an eyebrow. I will explain.
    But don’t worry, I will give you the perfect, French ending!

Ok!  I'm ready to learn!  What's next?


To make this one-time payment of $95.00 for unlimited access to all videos, it is really easy.  

Click on the "Buy Now" button below and fill in your payment information. 

Then you will be starting your first class!

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