Zodiac Eau de Toilette to match your astrological sign, formulated in France by French perfumeur for Christian Bounaix.

3.3 fl. oz. "en vaporisateur" (spray bottle) - Astrological sign is beautifully etched in the (back) frosted side of the bottle. Classic. Elegant. Exquisite.


Peony, Lily of the Valley, Iris Flower, Peach Tree, St John's Wort, Sweet Rose, Lavender, Orchid, Gardenia, Iris Root, Walnut, Fern -

Coco's Note: I absolutely love this Eau de Toilette. Why? Because it is true to itself.
We all think that purchasing eau de toilette online is a gamble. We need to see it, touch it, test it, smell it, breathe it, almost taste it, think about it... and think some more before the final desicion.

Well, this one is so authentic that you cannot go wrong, even online.


My astrological sign is Sagittarius, and the flower of Sagittarius is Gardenia.

I can tell you: this fragrance is a delightful, fresh whiff of gardenia and nothing but gardenia.

And each fragrance in this collection is as true to itself. As a matter of fact, each and every customer is consistently thrilled with her eau de toilette, and there has never been a return!

That speaks for itself, does it not?


Dec 22 - Jan 19 : Capricorn (Iris Root)

Jan 20 - Feb 18 : Aquarius (Walnut)

Feb 19 - Mar 20 : Pisces (Fern)

Mar 21 - Apr 19 : Aries (Peony)

Apr 20 - May 20 : Taurus (Lily of the Valley)

May 21 - June 21 : Gemini (Iris Flower)

Jun 22 - Jul 22 : Cancer (Peach Tree)

Jul 23 - Aug 22 : Leo (St John's Wort)

Aug 23 - Sep 22 : Virgo (Sweet Rose)

Sep 23 - Oct 22 : Libra (Lavender)

Oct 23 - Nov 21 : Scorpio (Orchid)

Nov 22 - Dec 21 : Sagittarius (Gardenia)

Zodiac Eau de Toilette