This is a much improved version of the pastry bag.

Capacity up to 24 oz. in a clear, sturdy plastic tube, with a graduated ruler on the side –

Comes with instructions for use and DVD -

Ergonomic and comfortable handle for a secure grip -

Removable and interchangeable nozzles (comes with 1 plain nozzle and 1 fluted nozzle) -

For garnishing, filling, decorating


Made by DeBuyer, France


A note from Coco:

Fantastic tool!!

There is no waste with Le Tube. Whatever quantity of batter you pour into it will come out. You will be surprised to see that there is nothing left at the end. The inside of the tube is scraped to the last drop.

There is no mess, as opposed to the mess caused by the use of a conventional pastry bag.

You have great control over how much you want to come out per squeeze, because you can adjust it to 0.5 oz., or 1 oz., or 1.5 oz. As a result, if you are fixing some macarons, each and every one will be precisely the same size. You will achieve precision and regularity.

Great for savory bites, beautiful presentations of all vegetable purées in the plate, potato dumplings,  most Christmas cookies and all mini cookies, mini meringues, frosting, etc, etc. The possibilities are endless.


  • Returns on factory defective merchandise only.

    Otherwise, exchanges welcome - Customer to incur all shipping costs.


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