"It’s just a whisk!” Yes, it is, but it is not your average whisk. It is a professional whisk, suitable for all sauces, vinaigrettes, emulsions, custards, batter, etc.

The stainless steel wires go deep in the handle to avoid breakage or loosening.

The handle is ergonomic, comfortable, and anti-slip, made of polypropylene with a TPE coating.

Easy to hang

Dishwasher safe

Made by DeBuyer, France


A note from Coco:

Great for mixing, beating, and emulsifying!

The polypropylene coating on the handle allows you to leave the whisk in your saucepan while you are getting some ingredients or doing something else. It will not slip and fall into the pan – small detail, but an important one.

I use this one a lot to mix eggs with sugar, butter, and other ingredients when baking for 4-6 guests. Very handy in any kitchen.

Whisk - 10"

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