La Maison de la Vanille in the South of France brings in the vanilla from Tahiti to make this very fine line of bath products.

1.1 oz. Eau de Toilette

Use as a body fragrance to reinforce the fragrance of the Tahitian Vanilla body lotion.

Use as a sterilizer after shaving your legs, then use the body lotion as a moisturizer.


Made in France


A note from Coco:

Being very fond of the Tahitian vanilla in my baking, I always look for products made specifically with the Tahitian vanilla. This company in France is the only one I know that uses real vanilla from Tahiti, the "black gold" of Tahiti.

Nice, musky Eau de Toilette.

I only wish La Maison de la Vanille had a larger line of products.

Tahitian Vanilla Eau de Toilette

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