Tamanu Restoring Oil – Glass Bottle

3.4 FL. OZ. Glass bottle

Tamanu Oil, from the Tamanu nut tree

Significantly soothes and repairs sun-burnt skin or damaged, stitched, or scarred skin as it promotes the formation of new skin tissues.
Protects the skin against wind, pool chlorine, ocean salt and other irritating elements.
Shows very good, steady results as an anti-inflammatory and antibiotic oil.
Favored as a natural remedy for skin disorders such as acne or eczema.

Monoi de Tahiti is the first cosmetic product to have obtained an Appellation of Origin. The AO stamp guarantees the quality of its manufacturing process, of the selection, and the authenticity of its Polynesian ingredients. There are a lot of copies of this precious commodity, so please be careful if you shop around.

A note from Coco:

While in Tahiti in February 2017, I did not use enough sunscreen on the first day, which was a bit irresponsible on my part. I know better! Anyway, the damage was done, mostly on my shoulders, and I had to endure the pain. The next day, I had an appointment at the Monoi Oil Institute to see if I could bring in the Monoi Oil of Tahiti into the States, and I discovered the Tamanu Oil, which, I was told, works miracles on sunburnt skin. Well, I truly found some instant relief from it. Its soothing effect was powerful and totally amazing!

Tamanu Restoring Oil – Glass Bottle


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