Monoi Oil de Tahiti VANILLA – Spray Bottle

3.4 FL. OZ. Plastic spray bottle

Radiant Beauty oil with 50% Monoi Oil – Not a copy!

Predominant fragrance: Vanilla of Tahiti
Run hot water onto the bottle if the oil is slightly solid.

For your HAIR - to keep your hair healthy
If your hair is damaged and you feel that it needs an intense treatment, spray your hands and rub into your hair before shampooing and rinsing. Repeat several days in a row.
For nice, healthy, shiny hair, rub a few drops only in your hands and apply to wet or dry hair after shampooing and rinsing.

Provides a deep and long-lasting tan. Careful though, as it contains no sun filtering, no sun screen. It is highly recommended to start with a tan before using it.


Monoi de Tahiti is the first cosmetic product to have obtained an Appellation of Origin. The AO stamp guarantees the quality of its manufacturing process, of the selection, and the authenticity of its Polynesian ingredients. There are a lot of copies of this precious commodity, so please be careful if you shop around. Also, the packaging should mention the terms “Cocos nucifera” and “Gardenia Tahitentis”.
The solidification of the oil below 75 degrees F is the best test. If the oil that you bought is perfectly liquid at a 68 degree room temperature, then it may not be totally natural.

Not only is this Oil wonderful for you skin, but also it is a nice, very natural fragrance. If you have ever been to Tahiti, it is everywhere, and you never forget it. Plus, it stays with you all day. Why? Well, when you think of perfume, the more oil there is in a perfume, the more intense it is and the longer it stays with you. From Eau de toilette to Eau de parfum to Perfume, the oil concentration varies respectively from a small to a greater concentration. Knowing this, you can imagine that the fragrance of the all-natural Monoi Oil on your skin will last for a long time.


From traditions that stretch back thousands of years, Monoi de Tahiti ®, the sacred oil of the Polynesians, is much more than a natural personal care product. Obtained by macerating fresh Tiare Tahiti flowers in refined coconut oil, it is a precious concentrate of sensuality, naturality, and authenticity.




Monoi Oil de Tahiti VANILLA – Spray Bottle

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