The Parisian Organizer is made for the modern times, yet it has a vintage touch. On each side, it features some very useful compartments, and in the middle, a high-quality French notebook for old-fashioned note taking.

(Please click on the Parisian Organizer, Noir to see the inside.)

That’s what Parisian women asked for, and that’s what Nathalie Valmary, the creator of this practical and fashionable accessory, made for them under the private label “Louise Carmen”.

Beautifully crafted in France with fine, thin, Italian leather, polished on the outside only -

Metallic leather, eggplant color -

Dimensions when empty:  5-1/2” x 8-1/2” x ½”

Snap closure

Notebook refills available

A note from Coco: I loved the Parisian Organizer at first sight and purchased the black one. It easily fits in a purse, which is helpful when you travel and you want everything in one place. I keep my credit cards, passport, driver's license, phone, business cards, boarding pass, notes, a pen, and other miscellaneous small paperwork in one place this way. I pull it out when needed, then pull it back when done.

If I am not travelling, I use the Metallic Green or the Safran by itself as a fashion statement!

Elegant, neat, chic, and so smooth! Smells great too!

the Parisian Organizer, Eggplant - a Wardrobe "MUST HAVE"

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