The finest salt France has to offer, by Le Guerandais, for more than a thousand years

Mostly a finishing salt more than a cooking salt -

Ingredients: natural salt, neither crushed, nor washed

4.4 oz.


A note from Coco:

Sprinkle on a tomato and fresh basil salad, on a bistro salad, on cucumbers, on cooked meat or fish - The possibilities are endless! You WILL notice the quality of this salt.

Be aware, the Fleur de Sel can have a bit of moisture in it and does not always work well in a shaker. As a result, keep it in its pretty box, and sprinkle by hand.

If you ever go to the Loire Valley, start or finish your trip right there, at the heart of the Guerande community where the renowned salt marshland is. You will be able to see the "paludiers", the salt workers scraping the surface of the water with their rake. 

Salt hand harvesting there is still completely traditional and artisanal, and you will understand why this particular salt is a bit ... pricey.

Fleur de Sel de Guerande

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