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Salmon: Hot Smoked or Cold Smoked?

Updated: May 26, 2018

Smoked salmon as an appetizer is a very traditional part of the French Christmas lunch or dinner, but it is also well received on all occasions throughout the year.

Do you know that smoked salmon originates from Poland? The salmon used to be brought from the Baltic Sea and be processed at the end of the journey. The first smoking house dates back as early as the 7th century in Poland.

Salmon is a fresh water fish, at least for the first two years of its life, before it migrates towards the sea to reach its maturity. The filets are smoked – either cold smoked or hot smoked.

When they are cold smoked, which is most of the salmon filets that we buy, they are smoked at approximately 100 deg. Fahrenheit, which is a low temperature, and salt and brown sugar are used heavily to preserve it. Careful not to eat too much of it as it has a high salt content. But it is a very good source of protein. The wood used to smoke it is usually birch or oak.

When hot smoked, the salmon is actually cooked, which makes it more dry and a bit tougher.

Look at the package next time you buy some smoked salmon. Chances are, it will be cold smoked.

Voila! Now you know!

Served with asparagus and some fresh fruit such as mango, smoked salmon is absolutely delicious.

If you would like to try my Salmon Remoulade recipe, please look in the “Cook” section of this web site, or just click on the following link:

It will take you a little bit of time to prepare the celery, but the combination of flavors that this specialty salad offers is superb.


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